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A Mk2 Hampton Safari

A photograph of Classic Safari, a Mk2 boat that featured on the cover of an early sales brochure published by Hampton Boats Ltd.

Until now much of the history and information about the Hampton Safari has been held on a site that has not been updated in 10 years. Others are not mobile-friendly and some lack contact details of their owners, so you can't ask them for further information.

This site aims to provide the best current information for owners and potential owners of the boat. We're starting out by trying to cover the boat's history but the plan is to move on to cover issues affecting current owners in a format that is accessible to those visiting on mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers.

Helping the Site To Grow

This site is intended to work alongside the existing Hampton Safari Boat Club that does such sterling work in organising and coordinating the social side of ownership. The site says it is "not meant to be yet another web forum or general discussion group". I guess that function is fulfilled by the Facebook Group. I'm not on Facebook but understand that it's a platform designed for conversations in the moment but where it can be difficult to retrieve information posted earlier in the season, and certainly not last year.

You will see that this site does includes a forum. It's not there for general discussion but rather to provide a way for anyone to provide corrections and updates of the information found on the site. That shouldn't stop those who wish to ask questions or share information about maintenance and repair tasks from posting, nor stop people providing inspiration for others thinking of re-fitting their boats.

Once registered on the forum, you can "subscribe" to all or any forum area in which you have an interest or expertise and receive an email immediately after any post in that area is made. The "Subscribe" link is under the "Tools" menu that displays a small "spanner" icon.

Happy boating!
Greg Chapman

About the Webmaster

Diana and I bought our MkIII Hampton Safari in December 2022. We brought it back to the Broads from the Great Ouse and after much trauma it was launched into the Ant at Wayford in September 2023.

If you want to see how I hope the site will develop you might take a look at the SeaHawk site, that I started in 2004 after buying one. I hope this site will grow in the same way. And, if you want to find out a little bit more about my boating experience take a look at my GregAfloat site.